Sunday, April 4, 2010


Erin got back from her trip to South Carolina, and brought me these delicious taffy's filled with "Sea breeze and sunshine"! Perfect!

On Saturday night I met up with some New York friends who were in town. We had a great time catching up, it was fun to see them! Courtnie, Rachel, Jacqueline (who actually lives in DC too) and Ashley
And, I went all out and bought a legitimate hammock stand. Don't worry about it, the thing is 15 feet long and takes up my entire balcony... no regrets! I absolutely love it. (and yes, we eventually moved the thing outside...)


Britt said...

i love the hammock stand!

Brenda said...

I miss that hammock! Dave A. and I were just reminiscing about the balcony yesterday - and your hammock. I'm pretty sure your colorful hammock is the reason that you and I are friends :)