Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in the District!

Britt and I headed up the hill this morning to take pics around DC with the blooming Cherry Blossoms! We had such a fun time... but before we even made it to the Cherry Blossoms, we got stopped by the President's motorcade (on right)... we snapped this shot from a bridge where we wouldn't be able to throw things (not that we had any intention to throw things... that's just what the police officer said...)
We finally made it to the Tidal Basin! There were thousands of eager tourists scoping out the best spots to take the awesomest pics... which was a challenge to get all the other tourists out of our pictures!
Here I am making nice with my first Cherry Blossom tree. Love at first sight. Britt and I nabbed this perfect photo spot! Jefferson Memorial is off to the right...
Yay us!
Our toes were perfectly pink.
I think we had a little too much fun with this tree... :)
We also managed to throw in some classic sight-seeing. Washington Monument!
Here with Britt, the monument was standing in momentarily for Godzilla...Good times :)


Britt said...

i love us. you're the best adventurer ever!

Stephen and Debbie said...

Looks so beautiful out there! JEALOUS! We woke up to snow yesterday morning! BOO HOO!

Brenda said...

Great photos! Love the cherry blossoms, glad you were feeling well enough to enjoy conference weekend.

Shelby said...

I like the pics where you are pushing your boobs out and sashaying around the tree!

Shelby said...

and in regards to Britt's comment, boo :(. I wish I was there too. You are a good adventurer.