Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Count of Monte Cristo

I just finished reading this book (which has consumed my life for the last few days) and I loved it. Each character is written so well. The best descriptions in the entire book are of people's eyes. The author vividly draws expressions and details that make me feel like I'm actually seeing these people suffer or rejoice in front of me. It's really quite a good read, never a dull moment. Someone asked how I could read the book after already having seen the movie, "isn't it boring cause you already know what's gonna happen?" I would just like to say that while you get the general gist of a book from a movie, the book is always better. And in this case, the book blew the movie out of the water.

If you like scandal, intrigue, heroism, bravery, insanity, love, and living on the edge of your seat, you should read this book.


Shelby said...

Are there dragons and camoflauge in it?

That's what I thought....

Courtney and Matt said...