Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 1 Ireland

At the airport in Philadelphia... so excited I can hardly stand it!
Andrew is super excited too, as you can see... I look a little crazy!
When the sun started to rise on our red-eye flight, I was so excited I could no longer sleep!
Finally in Ireland! Andrew and I met Carrie at the airport in Dublin. None of us got much sleep but we are raring to go.
Powerscourt Gardens outside of Dublin.
Carrie in a really old tree!
More gardens...
My favorite tree at the gardens! :)
On top of a look-out tower at Powerscourt
The look-out tower from the ground... those tiny bumps are mine and Andrew's heads.
The first of many dead pictures. :)Pretty Ivy on tower...
Waterford! We arrived too late to tour the factory, and when walking around the city, I only took one picture of this bizarre cross-walk. I don't reckon they get many zebra's in Waterford, Ireland... but one never knows these things!
Our first pub. Irish don't have Ginger Ale persay... Ginger Beer tastes like pure ginger root, and Andrew loved it!
This night we walked along the ocean for a bit, the stars were so bright! We stayed at a little B&B with Avery, our first Irish host, who was actually from Oklahoma... though he had an authentic sounding Irish accent. Go fig!

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Shelby said...

LOLOL about the Okey with an Irish accent. Perfect.