Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 4 Ireland

Day 4 was super fun, we started out the day driving north from Tralee to take the Shannon Ferry! Here we are waiting for the ferry. It was very windy and we listened to country music, and we liked it (especially Andrew)
FYI this was our chariot. Andrew and Carrie were rock stars, really great at driving stick on the left side!
Here we are on the Ferry. :)
On our way to our destination, it was SO rainy we stopped for hot chocolate! Ireland is not know for hot chocolate...
The weather cleared just for us as we approached the Cliffs of Moher! Andrew had this exact background on his phone for weeks prior to the trip, and now here we stood!
So beautiful.
I liked this sign. Beware of cliff edge!
Carrie's favorite picture...
Carrie and Andrew humored me quite a bit with my pictures. Furry brown cows!
Despite what anyone says, I did not touch this dog. He walked inside the building!
More driving!

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Anonymous said...

gotta have a random Ireland dog!

Hey, where's the pic of you running through the feild?