Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 5 Ireland

We departed Galway early Tuesday morning after eating a delicious breakfast that included toast (yes toast) thanks to our favorite B&B host Matt (though Gerty in Cork was equally my favorite...)

This is the Connemara Giant. I saw him and had to take a picture. He was very interesting.
Behind the Giant was a sign that said "on this site in 1897, nothing happened" so naturally we had to take a picture.
We almost hit a sheep! I was sure we were gonna hit a sheep. Driving in Ireland is risky!
Kylemore Abbey! I've had this photo in calendars for years, it was so incredible to see it in real life.
Mad skills with the camera self timer ;)
We all had jobs on the trip. I was in charge of taking pictures, Carrie was in charge of candy, and Andrew was in charge of knowing the history of the places we visited. The castle was built by Mitchell Henry for his wife Margaret as a gift to show his love because they'd visited Connemara on their honeymoon and she fell in love with the place. He really loved her. Fireplace
Carrie skipping rocks.
Chapel on grounds of Kylemore Abbey
The back seat was perfect for sleeping...
We finally pulled in to Dublin on Tuesday night. We took a walk downtown where we ran across a scene that was just like from the movie "Once"! So a picture was def in order!

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Courtney and Matt said...

I like that the girls had the easy jobs and Andrew was the one who did the studying! AND tire changing!! Nice