Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 2 Ireland

Day 2 in the Emerald Isle! In Ireland, people drive on the left side of the road. As you can imagine, that took some getting used to! I manned the back seat at times, and other times the map!
Stop number 1 for Day 2 was Jerpoint Abbey, where monks used to live and study and worship and stuff.
The site was very pretty and very old. We were surprised they allowed us to just walk up and touch anything and everything we wanted.
Carrie and me dead on the battlements. Taking dead pictures was one of our favorite games on the trip.
It rains a lot in Ireland.
This is when Andrew told me about his picture rule. I was only allowed to take 10 pictures of him a day.
more ruins at Jerpoint...
Despite the rain, the weather was lovely! And rain is totally Irish, so duh I loved it.
a little museum with things to imitate...
(this definitely counted as one of his 10 for the day)
By George, a flat tire!
Andrew was a total man and fixed it no problem.
We checked out a Tudor house known for its plaster. Andrew was really excited about the plaster.
Our next stop was Cahir Castle!
I liked this castle. So did they...Don't worry about it, Carrie and I manned the canons!I loved this gate!Andrew was a total man again and saved us from the falling gate with his brute strength...This one is funny :)Woot Cahir!
Next stop, Swiss cottage! Local nobility used this house as their playground, never actually spending the night. It was located just outside Cahir, and meant to blend in to nature.
It was surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. We felt like we were in "Northanger Abbey" or some other book of that time period.
And don't worry about it, on day 2 we saw our first Rainbow! I was more than just a little excited.

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Courtney and Matt said...

I love that big cottage it is so cute!! I need MORE pics!!!!